On Financial Independence

| A holistic take on financial independence, and how to get there, from a uk-based mid twenty-something.

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What is financial independence?

Financial independence = having enough wealth to live on, or assets generating enough income, such that you don’t need to work a “normal job” anymore.

It's an attractive idea, but requires a decent amount of thought, and effort, to actually make it happen. You'll probably have to spend some time thinking about what you value in life too, which is always fun.

My aim is to help with that some of that stuff.

Earn more, spend less, grow the difference

At its most basic level, Financial Independence relies on:

  • Earning more
  • Spending less
  • Growing the difference

To do this, you'll need to think about three pillars

I've categorised things you need to think about into three areas. This site is a fun way for me to learn more about the ideas in each of the areas, and hopefully share my thoughts with anyone that cares. Image: three sides of FI

This site will focus on those three pillars:

📈 The mathematical and rational side of money:

  • Basic concepts of financial independence; earning more, spending less, growing wealth
  • General financial concepts; interest, compounding, debt, etc
  • What you should be measuring

🤑 The real-life (practical and emotional) side of money:

  • How to save money
  • Where to put your money
  • How to systemise things, and form habits
  • How we think, feel and talk about money
  • Behavioural economics, and tricks we fall for

🔮 The philosophical or conceptual side of money:

  • What is money, debt, etc
  • The why of financial independence
  • Taking a "systems thinking" perspective
  • Common philosophies like materialsm/consumerism
  • Alternative philosophies like minimalism, simple living

Some links to get you started